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Christmas is f--ked again this year

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Published on 08 Oct 2021 / In Film & Animation

Christmas looks like being FUN? Personally I gave up on it years ago, but I treat myself to something though! After all no other fucker cares! In fact I'm thin king of ways I can lower my electricity bill even more? like buying tinned peas and sweetcorn and such and getting rid of my freezer altogether? sound good, save a few bucks on the quarter bill? Also I actually attended a Blind college in the 1990's and even though I'm sighted I learned to walk around in the dark, I had some excellent teacher's namely the students! Yet a saving could be made there on lighting! I will be buying a very large bag od SPROUT's though that can keep me warm over the winter with the WIND power alone! Maybe I will get COVID then I won't have to smeel the aftermath! lol!

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Mustang 1 month ago

It stinks when Liberals are in control of your Government. Ask us Americans!!!

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Julian6669 2 months ago

thats a bit of a bummer for all you cunts that love britain so fucking much....PMSL

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