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Christian Women Don't Exist - MGTOW

Published on 26 Mar 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Black&White Rose and here's what he has to say: "Hey Sandman, Why do I keep running into Christian women with promiscuous pasts who get triggered and hate on me when I tell them I have a standard of wanting a woman with a limited dating/sexual history (like my own history)? They say that I am missing out on a lot of potentially great women by refusing to date ones with promiscuous pasts. Then they attempt to re-frame the discussion by rolling out the feminist narrative of promiscuous men who want virgin wives, while continuing to ignore my stated fact that I have held myself to my standard for a prospective spouse. I told one woman in a Christian social media group I’m a member of about the problem of born again Christian women who have had lots of cheap, fast, wild sexual encounters with guys whom they now call douche bags, and now insist on making a prospective Christian boyfriend remain celibate with them while courting to marriage, but the hypocrisy of these women and the horrible deal this is for the celibate Christian boyfriend didn’t seem to register with her. Also, why do I keep running into Christian women who don’t want kids, or only want to adopt kids, or already have kids, and get triggered and hate on me when I tell them I want to have my own biological kids when I get married? They say they’re offended by men who “see women only as baby factories”, that if I am a Christian I should be happy to consider adoption or becoming a step-dad. It seems like there are quite a few women like this in churches today. Why are these women even Christian? Why can’t they go form their own religion and church? This would un-muddy the waters; they can find their types of men in their own religion and I can be sure that women who advertise themselves as being “Christian” are in fact in alignment with my (Christian) religion’s values? Thanks, and keep spitting those red pills! Well Mr. Black thanks for the donation and topic. Women that were once promiscuous and now in your church use the whole god forgives our trespasses so we should forgive the trespasses of others excuse to get men to accept them. They are chameleons looking for a high value man that can be with as many woman as he wants but only wants one because his religious beliefs keep him bound to just her so she doesn't have to worry nearly as much that he's going to cheat. Women use religion as a tool to get what they want. Why do you think Christianity became socially acceptable and why women embraced it 2000 years ago? Because it was a way to standardize male behavior. For them to potentially find and keep a man that doesn't know or understand his value in the sexual marketplace. Everything you're saying to these women does register with them Mr. Black. You're just not a simp like many of the other Christian guys that they are used to dealing with. Most Christian men are so wrapped up in converting others or focusing on their own sins that they don't focus on those of whamen around them. Even when most see them they do what JC would do which is forgive. Saving yourself for marriage keeps you thirsty and when you finally settle down with a woman and lose your virginity to her it's going to make you feel super guilty even thinking of leaving her. These so called Christian women you speak of want to ride the rooster rollercoaster and then when they are ready to settle down they still want a man that's not emotionally damaged and can easily bond with them even though they will probably never bond him because they've been riden more times than that pony that they bring out for that seven year olds' birthday party. I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell
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zdoctor 1 year ago

PAY ATTENTION GENTLEMEN........whaman always claim to be the victim all to be the perp. .....heres an article that will leave you appalled.

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sauger1001 1 year ago

I allowed myself to be deceived by someone I met at a Worship Service. After consulting with my minister (whose also red pilled, imo) I figured out she wasn't who I thought she was. Found out she was fvcking another dude (fortunately we never hooked up), and after several months, ended up dumping her. Been monk mode since. 'Men can't afford to be careless' (Don Corleone). We can't afford to look at life (especially at women) through rose colored glasses. Has to be Black and White, Good and Evil. We can't afford to be:
"Simps... Simps... desperation for pvssy."
Replicant Fish

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eldrazi317 1 year ago

Lying is the art of Evil, and Weak beings. It’s the root of all the foul things and occurring in human societies.

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Never_Again 1 year ago

Hentzel & Gretel Witch in This Video.

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Never_Again 1 year ago

nun shit head

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Councilof1 1 year ago

Christian? They're worshipping a deity but it's not the one they think they are.

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