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Christian Morality Is Bullshit

T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 08 Apr 2020 / In Film & Animation
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thoughtcriminal1215 2 years ago

Flavia created the christ story.

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Drakozaur 2 years ago

Hey TFM, have you actually read the bible? The bible has so much evidence of women being destroyers of nations (Jericho, Samson, David, Adam and many more of men’s wives or prostitutes). Not only that, the first MGTOWS were Christians especially Jesus and his 12 disciples. And, whoever created that fantasy that Jesus married someone is a fucking leaf armed tist liar. Also, Paul talked about being a MGTOW in Corinthians. Christian Morality is not the same as today’s wanna be Christians. Ancient Christians has always maintained control of their women until the subverters of nations and destroyers of nations (aka Pharisees and women) teamed up together to destroy nations. Notice how things went south when Rome stopped oppressing Pharisees? Or how women gained more power because MUH EQUALITY. The only empire that lasted longer was the Byzantine until that war with the mongols did too much damage with them allowing the Jihadists to control areas that were Christian. I never understood why Christianity is always the target for most atheists when there is a more evil religion called Islam. Is it because Islam fights back against non-believers of Islam? Or is it because Christianity doesn’t protect themselves because the government sides with the atheists? Slave morality or Master Morality, it doesn’t matter if Christians protect themselves when those that control the government are all against Christians and will always side those that are agains them. So, why are Christians not fighting back? They lost Christian nations (America is not a Christian nation) because of women, atheists, pagans, Jihadists and the world. Christians have been the enemy, and will always be the enemy. Because the truth will be always suppressed by the tyrants. To tolerate great evil is worse than living. It is an absolute that every Christian is seen as an enemy to everyone. It is an absolute that a nation of Christians has tried to stop the coming of the dragon. Because Christians tried to unify their enemies as friends to Christians and that brought their downfall. In b4 “the 4th crusade made Christians fight against each other” ACKHSUALLY, that incompetent emperor distrust the Crusader army and attacked them while the Crusaders were on their way to reclaim Christian lands. He deserved what was coming to him

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Lovernu40 2 years ago

You are far from right. its called GOD and its called having a purpose to exist. Too much of your mind and not enough of GOD.

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raa16 2 years ago

You don't see how telling women to do what they want without regret is going to lead to feminism and cause the problem again?

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raa16 2 years ago

You don't like progressives or judicial activism because they dislike the status quo and constantly seek change.
You dislike Christians because they are more acceptable of the status quo and their life circumstances.

Nice. Are you finished with your criticism without offering up a viable alternative?

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Johnny_Cage 2 years ago

he did. responsibilitism. the only thing that makes logical sense.

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