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China’s Crackdown on Girly Men | Grunt Speak Highlights

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Published on 15 Sep 2021 / In Comedy

⁣Now that they’ve successfully created a masculinity crisis in the United States, China wants to go the other way so they can pretend to be Alpha. Good luck with that.
#GruntSpeakLive #ChinaisAsshoe #GirlyMen
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mrghoster 7 days ago

You just put me of strawberries for life! lol! I'm Traumatized now!

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Raoulduke 8 days ago

Lol uighurs rape camp you have to be a good goyim to have so much fate in what the juice says.

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In terms of hunky spunky HE men, I think we should put this to the vote. "Who is hotter, Terry Popps or Adolf Hitler?"

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InfiniteMushroom 8 days ago

Only a mass armed insurrection will break the psychological hold that the Jew Mind Virus has on men in the West. The (((GUILTY))) and their Shabbos Goy helpers are so numerous that every highway overpass could be decorated with the swinging corpses of TPTB and their associates. Learn about Harold Wallace Rosenthal and that will get all but the most cucked pussies cranked up and ready for war! BTW, Harold Wallace Rosenthal is just ONE member of the (((TRIBE))) that has practically destroyed this country. There are HUNDREDS more, all in high places, and that's being conservative.

Until recently, I thought there was no hope. But then the TALIBAN liberated Afghanistan from the Jew sociopaths that imposed feminism and LBGTQ into the Afghan society. The TALIBAN is showing us the way. AS per their example, it will be a long slog and victory won't be quick. It will take years and require lots of blood and violence. Peaceful protest and being respectful to tyrants has NEVER WORKED ANYWHERE.

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Oh Terrence, your so butch.

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lyhyemmat 9 days ago

It's over for China. The laying flat movement is the knife in the heart, what do you do if your slaves just give up?

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eldrazi317 8 days ago

So unlike in the west, the laying flat movement has become wide spread amongst the chinese populace?

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Duugus 9 days ago

It won't work. The laying flat phenomena has taken hold and cannot be changed until the Cultural Marxism of Maoism is replaced with normal family life. Feminism created the cultural Marxism of today and until it is removed, the girly man will not disappear. The CCP wants it both ways, just like women. They wanted traditional patriarchy replaced with the State and men no longer have a place in family life. The State runs the family. Men have had their central purpose removed and now have no reason to exist. The girly man thing is just some weaker guys attempt at still having a purpose. While the lying flat man are just opting out of society as much as possible. This leaves the State with hyperdemanding women that won't find a husband. There is nothing in it for men to be a husband or servant of the State. The end of it will be those that don't play along with the system, both men and women.

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jim bennett
jim bennett 9 days ago

border and money crisis from my perspective..

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