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China is Making Fake Libraries Now?

Published on 01 Mar 2024 / In People & Blogs

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Yes these Libraries are fake, really...

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Yeah it's a bit like the virtual ghost towns in Australia - like with a sort of row of half a dozen shops - and rather than let them remain as empty buildings with nothing but dust and dead things inside... they put curtains up behind the windows and displays of assorted things in the windows.... So when people are driving through the almost dead and deserted towns, out of the once upon a time operable business's with the two or so remaining shops still open... the pub and the cafe / small goods / post office / all in one store, still look part of a operational town....




I guess the Ching Chongs are doing the same things..... making a fake fill in, until they can get all the books to fill it...

If they ever intended too.....

I have a friend who is a head professor of engineering / cement and he has been on a tour of China - seeing a lot of their structural stuff, and he has seen the videos of their 20 story apartments, with very weak amounts of steel as reinforcement, in the concrete support pillars, and the support pillars are crumbly dried mud....

You can break handfuls of it out, just with your fingers... and he said, "As all these high speed rail and bridges and buildings etc., all start to fail and collapse in ever increasing numbers... China is going to be in a lot of trouble....

The Tofu Dregs Craptastic Construction methods....

The idea of even being in China - and the whole sale, large scale, shoddy construction work is appalling, yeah I will take the back roads on a bicycle out in the country side... but in the cities.. Nope....

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Hammerhand 1 month ago

I love your content man. You and C milk are pretty darn good at what you do.

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A PM for you - formatted.

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JMGTOW 1 month ago

at least the "books" didn't explode like many other things in china....yet

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jim bennett
jim bennett 1 month ago

is this a misinterpretation vehicle for an advertisement?

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