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China Innovation- China’s Unbelievable Monster Ships And Giant Aircraft Carriers

Published on 23 Sep 2023 / In Film & Animation


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usr6874038614 2 months ago

Impressive constructions, but the presenters need to check their videos before releasing. Nr 2 and nr 4 in the list are the same...

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I have a bit of a thing for super tankers......
Just the sheer size of them.

The people in China are building some REALLY big ships.... I was just wondering, "Are they now bigger than the Seawise Giant?"


Type Crude oil tanker

260,941 GT
214,793 NT
564,763 DWT


81,879 long tons light load
646,642 long tons full load

Length 458.45 m (1,504.10 ft)
Beam 68.6 m (225.07 ft)
Draft 24.611 m (80.74 ft)
Depth 29.8 m (97.77 ft)

But ah... it's nice to see the new Chinese aircraft carrier is smog brown - so it can hide in all the Chinese pollution.

If you observe the size of the people next to the ships at the dock and on their decks....


But these are just "things" - they are not as important as connections with other people.

Relationships are the most important things.

But ships and the immense amount of smarts behind them and a lot of history and technology involved in their design and construction - they are specialist "tools" of transport....

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