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China EXPOSED Running SECRET POLICE In US, Canada, And Europe As Fear Of World War Three Escalates

Published on 29 Sep 2022 / In News & Politics

China EXPOSED Running SECRET POLICE Stations In US, Canada, And Europe As Fears Of WW3 Escalate. Russian and Chinese warships are confirmed to have entered US economic water near Alaska as fear of world war three grows and Putin and Xi Jinping remain steadfast.

Among those in the US 80% surveyed said that WW3 may be upon us.
Biden has made threats of ending Nord Stream and now NATO says it was sabotaged with many member states blaming Russia.

Russia and China recently cooperated in military drills sending signals of a stronger alliance and the possibility that China uses the European conflict as a chance to take Taiwan


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ErickRendoza 204
ErickRendoza 204 1 year ago

few yrs ago seen a video from the queen charolette islands with chinese troops and here the news said it was a lie.

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