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China's Unstoppable Corn Raiders - Crop Stealing Army!

Published on 12 Nov 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Wheat and corn are under attack in China! No really!

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usr6874038614 7 months ago

This is what you get with an exploding and poor population : not enough resources for all means take what you can get. But I only saw people picking up things that the harvester left behind, which would go to waste anyway. Why not pick it up and feed a family?
It is true about the grab hag generation though; they grew up with their mothers doing this, and it has become their default habit; they see no problem in it.

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JPPW 7 months ago

Is this a training video? Asking for an aspiring GRAB HAG!

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AbyssWatcher 7 months ago

that country is dead

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Well thank fucking goodness because I hate them for their actions against the western world and for how they’ve sold fentanyl as a chemical weapons delivery technique. I hope they collapse before they are able to completely succeed at invading the us.

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James1225 7 months ago

Zombie hordes need not be dead to exist, Marxist feminists are the living but yet not dead cancer upon earth.

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