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China's Psychopathic Little Emperors

Published on 18 Apr 2024 / In People & Blogs

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sauger1001 28 days ago

Cooking at home seems more and more feasible today.
The brat does what he's been taught.
Why isn't the mother being held accountable, instead of the brat? The kid will turn into an adult, and eventually killed by the people, probably coworkers.

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Toki 29 days ago

I like how you are blaming the little boy who's a minor. But no comment on the whores selling themselves to little rich boys while the average Chinaman can't find a respectable wife his age. I guess Chinawhores are too bust hustling their pussy to minor emperors? He must be Xiping's son? Certainly a son of a social elite of some type. Why are you blaming the child though? He's simply following his father's and mother's actions. Total degenerate ruling class. Sure he's a piece of shit already as a child. But what about the women's actions? No accountability as usual. They are simply victims right? Simpenza I guess. Then again you married a Chinawoman con artist who will screw you someday. While you end up a China organ donor because you are an unwanted migrant. China doesn't mess around with migrants. They take care of business unlike the cucked Western world.

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WMHarrison94 28 days ago

Hey, Yellow Fever is real.... just saying... Asian, cute, feminine, tight little pussy... the plantation, er rice patties calleth!

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Toki 28 days ago

@WMHarrison94: My only Yellow Fever is when it's anime. Thing is real Asian women are all dark. I like fair, pale, blonde/copper/redhead, light eyes. Hair dye and wigs does not count.

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Toki 1 month ago

"How do you think he's going to treat women?"
You mean women will be naturally drawn to him because he's abusive. They want that for the side boyfriend for the bedroom. I bet your wife has one Serps.
Also who cares how he treats women? Nobody cares about me or if I live or die today. Stop simping Serps. Simping led to the very problem you are complaining about. Look at the submissive husband trying to calm the situation while the two mothers are also spoiled brats. In a man's world she would have created a home-cooked meal instead of wasting money at corporate restaurant with creepy surveillance cameras archiving their suffering as the elites laugh eating popcorn.

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Toki 1 month ago

Women can be bought. That's how it works. You bought your Chinese wife using your foreign wealth. They are prostitutes. Always have been. And it's disgusting isn't it? That's why you refuse to accept reality. Of your reality with China wife golddigger plotting and scheming when to destroy you like Trump. The evil white man she will say. Her Chinese allies and simp Gov will execute you or something.

A mother ironically telling her son he can't use his phone lol. What about her? Why did she buy him a Stupidphone in the first place? Where is the father!? Is she a single mom? If so then that's the problem. Also don't buy the Stupidphones. Easy. Also simp bystander trying to get laid. It's none of his business and he will probably be arrested and charged. Why are they out in public without a male adult chaperone? Instead some random simp sets himself up to be arrested.

Also that's a woke ad. Oh no you forgot a hispanic person. Racist. Stop with the ads. Get a job and help China. You're over in China goofing off online
consuming resources at a net loss instead of contributing anything. Then you wonder why China is a communist shithole. Online ads and asking for e-donations is communism. This is how you end up with everything you are criticizing here. People give up working because why should they go to work while you good off on YT trying to sell people bullshit? Data brokers? Obvious scam. Shill. Be a man and get a job. Only lazy assholes play the stock market. People like Xiping.

Anyways the main problem here are the girls and mothers as well. You're telling me the girls aren't little brats also? Kids are cruel nasty creatures. Especially when raised in modern times where women have all the authority of the household and the father has none. Surprise!

Mothers are too busy working to be mothers. You aren't supposed to breed. The Gov made it very clear with inflation and women's rights/women working instead of being encouraged to be homeschooling mothers.
Women also hate their children because they are competing for resources with the mother's Greed. Once the welfare checks stop the mothers kick the offspring out of the home. Children are but a mere tool for women to supplement their income so they can waste money on Idiotphones and other stupid things. They always regret having children though because it ends up being a financial loss in the end. Parents would enslave their own children to pay for an early retirement. That's what my parents did because they are voters. Didn't expect the Chinese single mothers to get this bad so quickly though. Everyone cringe trying to be black these days because it's hip and hop I guess?

Also the stress of life. Inflation, no hope, etc. The children want to know why their idiot parents brought them into Hell. Nobody should be producing more taxed corporate slaves until the corporate and Gov problem is resolved. So basically never have kids because it's selfish and cruel to the future generation who will suffer even worse than us in overpopulation and the wealth/class system. Do the smart thing and be celibate. Then you can save a ton of money because you aren't renting women who are again.. prostitutes. Including your wife Serps. She will scam you later calling it now. Crowder. I hope you didn't set her up with a child to make it really easy for her? While you go to China prison your son will be out there being a rowdy child of a single mom. Which is the global normal today. Where have you been Serps? I never leave my house and I know or honestly acknowledge more about humans than you do.

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WMHarrison94 30 days ago

I might have kids, but not here and not with a "wife." I'll rent the uterus too...

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Toki 29 days ago

@WMHarrison94: I'll never produce more livestock to be monitored, stamped with a tax ID tag, shot full of product, and put to work for other peoples' benefit.

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Little Terds......


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