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Chad Made Thot Modern Woman Walk Home Because

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Published on 24 Jan 2023 / In Film & Animation

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"What is the most important thing a man can have?"
"Money". (x 2)

My punch them in the face button with contempt was just activated.

What do these worthless sluts bring to the table - NOTHING besides their greed, their selfishness, their entitled attitude and their stinking over fucked holes.

These Pieces of Shit - they are fucking dead beats, trading the cunt currency....

They are not in there, helping you build the business from the ground floor - from the very beginning.

Marking out the foundations and digging the ditches with gumboots and shovel in hand etc...

No - these fucking PARASITES - want YOU to do it all for them, so when it's all done, they can just move into the penthouse suite, and have you sign it all over to them.....

Naaaaa doesn't work that way GREEDY, LAZY, BRAINLESS, SLUT.

Guys - if they are not hard workers, then they are just hard wankers..... laying around all day in your bed, fingering their fucking holes.... thinking you are so privellidged to be paying for the pussy.

Nope - if your a dumb cunt - you have just picked up a parasite.

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Lucifer333 11 days ago

Simps are disgusting

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