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Published on 22 Sep 2022 / In Other

Anyone may come on Panel that is respectful. If any Mod sees a user be disrespectful toward me, anyone else, or the chat in general time them out. Then Ban if continues. Also to the people I've blocked and can't see. Your allowed to remain but I ask my Sincere Mods that if they say bad, controversial, or something that could lead to people thinking bad about me. Please screenshot and hide the person (This would apply to the accounts following : Emcee lama hawk, Fusion, Ghost, Pox, Petey) Some of them are already blocked but may have another account. Some of them I'm fine with (Real deal) unless something changes. That accounts identity is still under fire. However I want to believe it's who I've been told. Ghost is the one that made uploading and doxxing my underage YouTube vids and account "okay" or permissible. Garuntee. Garuntee if I had done that to a youtuber that was a guy or girl (an friends of these people) they would have hung Me by the toenails #hypocrisy I don't like it. Don't want it.

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