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Canada's Largest Ghost Town Few Have Ever Seen - Abandoned 1935 - Day 1 - Anyox BC

Published on 07 Nov 2022 / In Film & Animation

Today we visit Anyox, a copper mining ghost town in a remote part of British Columbia, Canada located on the shores of Granby Bay.

In 1910, the Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power Company (Granby Consolidated) started buying land in the area.

It would become one of the largest copper mining operations in the British Empire during this time

Granby Consolidated started construction of the town around 1912 and by 1914, with the mine and smelter in full operation the town had grown to a population of around 3,000 residents.

The town was remote and served by steamships as there were no road or rail connections to the outside world.

That meant the town of 3000 had to be self-sufficient and have all the amenities to attract workers and their families.

In the early 1920's a hydroelectric dam was built by engineer John Eastwood to supply electricity to the town and mining operation.

It stands at 44 meters tall and at the time of completion was the tallest dam in Canada.

The current owner has plans to refurbish the dam and put it back in use.

The Great Depression drove down the demand for copper, and was the beginning of the end for Anyox.

Operations continued, while the company stockpiled 100,000,000 pounds (45,000 tones) of copper over the next 3 years, that it was unable to sell.

The mine shut down in 1935, and the town was abandoned.

In 1942 there was just a small crew remaining and a fire tore through the town and burned down all remaining wooden structures.

Since 1942, besides a few mining exploration companies that come and go.

And a company that mines the smelter slag pile for industrial abrasives.

Anyox sits mostly forgotten.

The concrete and steel structures that still exist are being reclaimed by nature.

Join me on this adventure with my friend Mike and our guide Rob as we explore for 2 days to discover what remains.

Thank you for watching!

► Chapters:
00:00 Introduction/First Look
04:11 Start of Exploration/Mess Hall
06:08 Bunkhouse
06:32 Steam Plant
08:53 Concentrator
10:15 Ore Cars
11:29 Dynamite Storage
12:15 Steam Locomotive
12:38 No. 2 Hydroelectric Dam
17:58 Slag Pile/Golf Course
18:34 Powerhouse No. 1
24:16 Final Words/Day 1 Concludes

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