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Cam Girls Will Go Crazy As Artificial Intelligence Replaces Them - MGTOW

Published on 08 Mar 2023 / In People & Blogs

Cam Girls Go Crazy As Artificial Intelligence Replaces Them - MGTOW

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Terry. He wants me to cover the recent story of artificial intelligence making beautiful women in Bikini's. They aren't real but they look 100% real except for a few minor details here and there. Better Bachelor has already covered the technical aspects of the images and how the AI is messing up with the fingers in particular but getting most other things right. Sometimes it generates two thumbs on the same hand and doesn't render nails correctly. I put a link in the description to his video because I don't really want to go in that direction in my video. I'm more interested in how this is going to effect the financial and psychological well being of women. Plus the job losses which women are more likely to endure because the last thing to go will be male jobs doing plumbing or working in an underground mine. Industries that will die or be greatly diminished will things like stock photography, fashion models, hair and makeup people for the photo shoots as well as Instagram influencers because men will be able to create fake women and steal all those simp bucks. A few years ago using FaceApp an old Asian man was able to turn himself into a young woman and grow a massive following. Soon he won't even have to take actual photos. He can just tell the software what he wants and it will make it. Women that do Onlyfans & adult content creators will be ok for a while so long as they continue doing video but eventually even that will be created by AI. So what happens when men eventually start looking at fake women that are coded by guys? Women's supply of attention and resources will dwindle. At that point they won't be able to get attention from men online in the same quantities they get today. The value of simps will go up and it will be the great simpflation. Finding a man to friendzone will be more difficult as things like Chat GPT start to speak more like real women and give men companionship that a real woman never could. I used to think that guys would want to interact with real women but teenagers I've asked they are more comfortable talking to a computer instead of a thot. Mental illness will grow and grow in women and more of them will join the ranks of the wokesters and feminists. For a time being you'll probably see more women on dating apps and that ratio of two men for every one woman might actually start approaching 1 to 1. The industries that will do well in this scenario are ones related to pets as well as food because obesity will become more prevalent as even the best looking women can't outdo the appearance of a 3d generated giner. Let's also not forget that doctors have been saying that chat gpt might begin to replace them. Especially as the AI is able to replace their ability to diagnose illnesses. Women rely on their bodies and their brains to make money especially in medicine and soon they will go crazy once they can't do that anymore.

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