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Bullshit Reasons To Join MGTOW - Anti-MGTOW

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Published on 04 Nov 2020 / In Other

⁣Good morrow ladies and gents it is I the Crimson Crusader your friendly neighborhood and most hated Anti-MGTOW channel. In this episode, I am going to be analyzing and debunking the arguments for why all men should join MGTOW. Honestly, I can't find a good reason that would make MGTOW the best lifestyle for men. The creator of this video Zeitgeist Eater has some very interesting reasons...Anyways enjoy the video!

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This video is NOT intended to be a malicious personal attack against this YouTuber! Instead, it is a critical analysis and commentary about his opinions, ideas, perspectives and his presentation of the material.

Certain video clips in this video are copyrighted material from the MGTOW YouTube channel called Zeitgeist Eater. I do not take credit or ownership for any of his creative work. Clips from his video are included for the purpose of commentary and criticism. If you would like to view the original material feel free to check out his YouTube channel. The link will be provided below:


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nest006 6 months ago

We've seen this latest week's perfectly good reason to "join" MGTOW (no leader, no manifesto, I dunno how the hell you "join" them), with the Johnny Depp case. THAT is the treatment you will get in the courts from an apparently patriarchal society. Unbelievable. The verdict was decided upon as soon as the case was brought, and the believe the MSM / believe all women issue was under threat. Getting a frivolous metoo allegation is probably low incident / fatal result. These are the ones you need to keep an eye on when doing your risk assessments.

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Teddydog 6 months ago

Thank you for your contribution towards MGTOW. I hope you will contrabute more often. Its important for men to hear the alternitave view and arguments. The philosophy needs to be spread on as many forums as possible.
MGTOW saving lives around the globe. ?

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AntiCuck1982 6 months ago

Stop giving the cuck attention , people , thats a troll

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TAOGYOW - The Art of Going Your Own Way!

The title of "Join MGTOW"; MGTOW is a philosophy, you don't join it, you choose to take some or all of the philosophy and implement it or not. MGTOW videos run the gambit of all topics and not just the initial anger or hate towards women and their nature (The Red Pill Rage), it's the pursuit of learning one's own power without becoming enslaved to another. Easy enough to debunk this guys point of view and lack of comprehension.

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TAOGYOW - The Art of Going Your Own Way!

Ecclesiastes 7:28 - while I was still searching but not finding- I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all.

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Wolf178 6 months ago

Mgtow and red pill ARE WORLD WIDE. WOMEN HAVE thrown off the shackles of traditionalism decades ago, they can fend for themselves with current technology. We men are just finally waking up and we won't be slaves

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sauger1001 6 months ago

I hear Derrick Jaxn needs a sidekick.

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Bagoodman 7 months ago

I could not watch this shit ! and i know BlackPilledBeltMonkkido is not a sub and the fact is you only have 9 sub's and at this time only 9 views . that means your subs didn't even watch your video . Why don't you take your shit show to the weemons channels you will get more subs and as you can see the MGTOWs here are not watching your shit . So why waste your time here . No one is watching !

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You commit to a woman so she can use and abuse you? You advocate for vulnerable adults like myself to be physically, mentally, and emotionally abused by bad women? You want men to get married to lose all their shit? You shilling for the government and vaginal intersect corporations? Have you no shame or humility for your fellow men that can used and abused?

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