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Bud Light PULLED From Walmart & 7-Eleven Shelves To Make Room For SURGING Non-Woke Competition!

Published on 18 Sep 2023 / In Entertainment

Protect Your Retirement!

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Never_Again 9 months ago

08:20 ... Over the many years since 1978 as HMI wholesale/retail/sales & marketing biz owner or rather Goo-Fucking-Roo as my mother would say in front of pretty waitresses & stuff to fucking make me blush. She was an evil bitch that always was trying to get ya split a gut.!

As an ass fucking hole straight up from the depths of hell fucking fire itself @ the tender ole age of ... I gawd damn forget mother fuckers, buttttt , yet I do know fur fucking sure 1st Thursday after 1st Tuesday aka West Coast of Fucking united fucking Nation States upon North fucking America INC, through fucking Delaware ... (fun study) aka U.S. of A.

(commercial entity formed by Natural Man / Flesh & Blood on purpose Bitches to be fucking lawfully shielded of fucking protection (s) from evil mother fuckers of this world & each fucking other especially when We the People FUCK others shit up including straight up breach of contracts & murder Holy Shit Batman ... ... Oh shit who says Grand-Ma wasn't a little gutter slut enjoying MFM spit roast action, just look @ these two boys scheming together to see who gets that poontang first, naughty fucking BITCH ... We The Fucking People Are Rather Fucking Evil Bastards of Mothers Fucking Fuck Nutz Ass Fucking Holes, BAR None <---PUN Intended Fucking PERIOD)

Ha-Ha-Fucking-Ha ... Good, Bad, or Indifferent This Bull Fucking Shit Typing Of All This Bull Fucking Shit Is Helping Me Prep For The Next Few Months, & Or If SHIT FUCKING real FUCKING INTERESTING The Whole Rest of My Ole Man Butt @ 62.5 yo Pathetic Fucking Dork Ass Life of Writing Used Nation Fucking Sea To Shining Fucking Sea TRUE LAW Mostly Protectingt Our Fucking Family Units Including Our Fucking Flesh & Blood BABIES !!! Gawd Damn I Be Fucking PISSED !!!

Great Fucking Therapy Too. This Fucking Shit Is Much Better Than Getting Fucking Fucked Up On WAY Too Fucking Much Bourbon & Beer or Those Little Pull Fucking Metal Cans With Pull Tabs of Adeptly Named SREWBALLS ... Gawd Damn Canned Hell Fire Itself.! ... Half Pint of Fireball Whiskey & In Combination Two Fucking Lil' Cans Of That Thar Hell Fire Caused Me As a Real Fucking Dumb Ass Fetch County & City Copper Plated Shields Of Johnny & Jane (Her Tarzan Be a Lucky Dude :)- ... grrrr-EL) Law as I Parked On The Highway or Some Dumb Assery Whilst I Went In a Local Fuel Station To Fetch a Cheap Two Pack of Cigars For The One Fucking (exact) Mile Ride Back Home To The Ranch Fucking Home aka Fucking Not Fit For a Fucking Dog Chicken Fucking Coop House On My Stupid Fucking Riding Fucking Lawn Mower To Test My New Four Fucking Ply Front & Rear Tires Fetched Through Ama-Fucking-Zog Business Account & To Test The Fucking The Stupid Ass ... "Adjustments" I Done Did On That Thar Ten & One Half Horse Fucking Power Pull Start & or Battery Operated Starter Motor Gasoline Engine Built Upon This Here Land Of Ours With Much Better Materials & The Loving Fucking #WorkManShitz Of Our Fellow Man-Fucking-Kind Brothers Labor Instead Of That Piece Of Fucking Cheap Ass Chi-Fucking-Fetch-To-Your-Knees Human Fucking Suicidal Work & Starved To Fucking Death ... Pond Scum Fed Through The Three Gorges Fucking Falling Apart ... Dam Fed Pond Fucking Scum Bucket Poor Ass Fellow Man Chink aka Slope Head Gook Man & Woman & Children SLAVES Of Chi-Sneeze Communist Fucking USA Supported SHIT FUCKING HOLE !!! aka The Real Fucking Hell On Earth By EVERY FUCKING SPOILED FUCKING SHIT FUCKING FELLOW FUCKING SO-CALLED LOVERS OF Freedom ASS HOLES INCLUDING MYSELF OF COURSE cuz @ no point in time I ever not claim my ole man mason shit don't stink like many especially dumb fucking cunts on America do, bed of rose s' my ass, more like three hot day of July hot fucking tar-fucking-mac quashed with gay fucking maggots dead fucking ass SKUNK ... cutie pie lil' bastard ... ... ya skanky ass dumb cunt ... Yuk ... ...

hello_world ... Study my shit ... change words around with your own as required ... & more better lawful btw ... :) ... just the tip .... BITCH ... Take control of YOUR American One Share of U. S. of A. Inc. Stock / Share $$us treasury$$ credits await your butt ... It Is Yours After-All ... Damn It ... Who Cares of Tom fucking Brady & shit.? He ever buy you shoes or paid your rent.? Yea, me either so ... Study ... <--- Kinda speaks for itself ... I dunno, or due I ? ...

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