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Bryce Case Jr. AKA YTCracker - Anonymous Hacker | SRS #85

Published on 29 Nov 2023 / In People & Blogs

Bryce Case Jr., aka YTCracker, is a hacker, musician, also a self-identified member of the hacker group Anonymous. Bryce has been called "The Original Digital Gangster" for his early adoption and manipulation of all things online. Ryan Montgomery, a fan favorite on SRS, calls Bryce his mentor.

In this special Holiday release, we cover Bryce's life story starting with his early exploits when the internet was just coming into itself. We discuss his aptitude for clever digital marketing and finding money-making opportunities in every corner of America Online.

Bryce made a name for himself in the hacking community by digitally defacing government websites like NASA and propping up coalitions of hackers across the web. A "Black Hat" now turned "White Hat," Bryce Case Jr. has repurposed his unscrupulous skill-set into a leading force for cybersecurity, working with some of the largest tech companies in the world.

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00:00 - Introduction
04:10 - Introduction to hacking
12:45 - Childhood
37:15 - Invitation to Silicon Valley
45:00 - Stealing cars
53:35 - Gateway computers
1:16:25 - Early days of the internet
1:30:25 - 0Day and what it is
1:46:41 - Meeting other hackers
2:02:30 - Exploiting government websites
2:23:15 - Digital Gangsters: Celebrity hacking
2:58:46 - Ryan Montgomery aka 0Day
3:22:05 - Hacking equipment demonstration
3:47:57 - Designing cyber weapons
4:29:15 - Power grid vulnerabilities
4:47:55 - Hacking vs Russia/China
5:06:38 - Deep Fakes
5:30:38 - Crypto
5:43:00 - Edward Snowden
5:45:25 - NERDCore Music

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