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BRUTAL- Resurfaced Video of Joe Biden Should Destroy His Campaign

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Published on 14 Sep 2020 / In News & Politics

⁣BRUTAL: Resurfaced Video of Joe Biden Should Destroy His Campaign

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Iknewit 15 days ago

It does not matter how much he fucks up because the deal is, if elected, in my personal opinion that his VP will lead the charge in declaring him mentally unfit and by default her the President. And then SHE will nominate Nancy Pelosi as VP. See? Harris and Pelosi will be telling you how to live. That will be a 24/7 cat fight.

Pence knows good and well if he tried that shit with Trump he could very shortly end up in a very confidential room with a completely personal attitude adjustment.

Melania would nurse his bloody knuckles, pat him on the chest, and tell him how proud she was of him. Then Pence's wife would come know just what kind of Valkyric power captured Donald Motherfucking Trump for a Husband.

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NoFemVAL 15 days ago

fuck this commie cocksucker

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sauger1001 16 days ago

Ironic that Connie Chung (Maury's wife) is giving this report.

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Councilof1 16 days ago

How can you tell a politician is lying? Their lips are moving.

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