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Broke niggas don’t get nun ever

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Published on 16 Mar 2021 / In Film & Animation

if you are Broke it's over for you most girls are Golddiggers and Attention Whores

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AbyssWatcher 6 months ago

what you are saying is not true. how to you explain jailbirds getting laid more?? if you a bad boy they will be those females that would let you fuck em. But females like that are trash to men of integrity. And the majority of modern females are like that

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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Alpha Male Lifestyle 6 months ago

Have you seen AMS's last live stream? He had a 5'9 dude good looking a bit soft if you ask me, but he drove a top of the line sports car. That's how he really pulled women. He's also in Miami. So money talks down there.

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