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Breaking Off Engagement Is Now A Crime: Marc Rudov


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Published on 01 Apr 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Councilof1 19 days ago

She can't collect money if she's dead. I'd rather do time than pay that bill. It always shock's me what most men will tolerate.

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ArgonRaysabre 18 days ago

Hey man, don't talk like that. You CAN get away with murder. Have some faith in your abilities and intelligence, brother. Just sayin'...

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sauger1001 19 days ago

Hope Marc Rudov is doing well. Hope he never dated Liz Weil, though she definitely had the hots for him.

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Yeah I remember this from a while back...

There is a whole series of, "It's an injustice it is"...

Women thinking they deserve payment for the date, when the guy ghosts them....

Women thinking they deserve compensation when he decides not to marry them......

Probably a very smart move - considering how they take it......

They didn't get to fleece him later on....

She came in with $30,000 in debt - he paid that off and then it turns out she owes shit loads more......

This woman looks like a liability from the outset.....

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