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BPS on Why Women Destroy Civilizations

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Published on 20 Oct 2020 / In Film & Animation

This is a Vault save of this video that has been deleted milions of times in Youtube.

Black Pigeon Speaks put a comprehensive explanation on why female nature destroys all civilizations if left unchecked.

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Kryptk Leo
Kryptk Leo 28 days ago

I'm confused on why these channels always use hot ass whores in them as if!

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nest006 1 month ago

I won't lift a single finger to hep them. Well maybe a middle finger. Reap it.

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Metal_X 1 month ago

it is not females who destroy society... it is weak soy males in power and money they have that let this shit happen... and soldiers who have true power get played and oppress real men...

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jt98x 1 month ago

We can't save society on a macro scale that's out of the question. the baby step is make communities based on values so we won't go into a dark age.

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jackson60199 14 hours ago

Believe it or not - in the book of Kings, those that followed Jezebel were executed. Not getting religious, just saying. Running out of wilderness to establish new places for the right way to return.

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