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Boy George And Marilyn On Friendship- Music And Tough Times Loose Women

Published on 02 Jun 2023 / In Film & Animation

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These people were once upon a time, kings of the world - and Australia had only a couple of good rock and roll shows and they were on it quite a lot - for a while, until they too faded into oblivion.... mostly.

So I wasn't that much into them, but they did make some great music.

But they were the real deal gay / cross dressing guys from the get go....
So kudos to sticking to their own agendas.

But after going through all the drugs and heroin habits and all that... and to see them MINUS the celebrity bullshit, they have come into being generally very nice men...

The gay scene was never my cup of tea, but I do like the OLDER gay men, who are in good strong relationships....

It's something that the crazy fat bitch feminists never have.

And I quite like their company sometimes....

I don't like the active "gay scene / doing the saunas and bath houses and glory holes kinds of guys".
To me they are just degenerates who are sexual parasites, who are out of fucking control.

There is no off switch to their bullshit.

But the older guys in stable relationships can be really good value.

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