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‘Boris Johnson shows historical hypocrisy’ - Dossier Geopolitico think tank

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Published on 01 Jul 2022 / In News & Politics

While the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands remains a tough subject, with both Britain and Argentina laying claim, the UK’s prime minister compared the inhabitants’ right to determine their future with the Ukrainian crisis, in what he called a ‘frank exchange’.
RT heard from Carlos Alberto Pereyra Mele, from the Dossier Geopolitico think tank, on the matter.

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

Perfide Albion! Bo Jo is the epitome of that warning.

I love White English people (and British Light Music) but, historically, the U.K. is ruled by high-class criminals and crypto-Jews.

There is absolutely no comparison between the Falklands and Ukraine. The Falklands offer no strategic vulnerability to the U.K. and exists solely for London to claim Empire status.

The Ukraine is a very dangerous vulnerability for Russia. It would be as if Russia had taken control over Mexico, installed a puppet government in Mexico City, and was getting ready to wipe out the Maquiladora region on which ZOG-U.S. depends heavily for our imported stuff. Thank God that Putin preempted the ZOG-NATO invasion of the Donbas, while using Ukraine as a smoke screen.

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