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Body count doesn't matter

Published on 01 Jun 2023 / In Non-profits & Activism

whether it be a hundred or none body count doesn't matter if you're a piece of s*** of a human being you will always be a piece of s***

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That mouthy little china shit - she is an insufferable cunt...
The dyed redhead - that is VILE.
The china girl on the far right - she looks like she wants get the fuck away from them.

The tall blonde one with the bare belly - I dunno - she looks like a bit of a non event.

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Furioso 4 months ago

So ,you're still blue pilled ,it matters because fefails brains compare everybody and they are less likely to stay with the man if they have a high body count .It's not a question of pieces of shits human beings ,wahmen have no morals ,they function with their feelings and follow the collective ,if the collective is corrupted ,guess what ,most if not all of them are corrupted .

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crimsonhawk 4 months ago

Most are.

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