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BlueTRUTH the documentary The Vaccinated have Bluetooth Mac addresses (English voice-over)

Published on 29 Jan 2023 / In How-to & Style

I am not the creator of the video all of the rights go to COMUSAY.

This is my first attempt ever trying to do a voiceover. I tried my best for the most part. I was just sick of reading subtitles and I find a lot of people would also dismiss this documentary because having to read subtitles for 35 minutes. So I gave it an attempt. I think it came out somewhat okay. Yes I know there are mistakes from time to time and there's audio changes mostly because it was all done all on a cheap cellphone. Let me know what you think. Enjoy.

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KEEPER 2 months ago  

it starts getting interesting around the 20 minute marker.
follow the science right?

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