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Blue Pill Mullah Gabriel Al Romaani Finally Admits Hojabis Are Evil


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Published on 23 Mar 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Holocaustic 11 months ago

Deal with your mother issues.
After that you won't care about women.
Pussy is nice but not worth anything more than a single night of my attention

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Emre 1 year ago

A classmate in our vocational training in Germany told me that during the exam phase he saw a Moroccan woman who said: "It doesn't matter, even if I fail this exam, I still have the option of going to Morocco and marrying a man who is take care of me". He just told me that today.

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NeoGeoGamer 1 year ago

I hate religious blue pillers. Religion is supposed to be a sanctuary for ancient red pills. These false teachers are in for it after they croak. Hope they enjoy riches and clout while they're alive.
Good to hear Gabriel has been cornered into admitting the uncomfortable truth. Women are not inanimate objects. They are responsible for what they do. They are Satan's soldiers, and have been for the past hundred years and more. There is no compromise to be had between God and Satan. There is no happy medium with feminism. It has to be rolled back to zero, no matter how much women and simps whine.

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hqwebsite 1 year ago

Thanks to the idea of putting The Head of State as the Head of Religion, it's now okay to love God but hate the Church. The sign of the End of Times. Do love God as Godlessness leads to Communism. A utopia that has been tried and failed every time.

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