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BLM Rioters Hold City Council VP "Hostage" Demand Riot Charges Dropped, Democrats Are LOSING Control

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Published on 04 Jul 2021 / In News & Politics

BLM Rioters Hold City Council VP Hostage, Demand Riot Charges Dropped, Democrats Are LOSING Control. The VP gave into the BLM protesters demands but was outraged.

This is not new as Democrat voters and administrators seem to be consistently losing control to the riotous mobs

While Trump and republicans seemed completely unable to deal with the far left as well they at least complained about it.

While democrats are finally starting to express concern over antifa and BLM clearly none of it will be enough to stop them


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InfiniteMushroom 7 months ago

All that has to be done is tell WHITES that they have unlimited authority to use deadly force to protect their lives and property. That includes the land they are on. Jews have declared war on Whites and that is public knowledge. BLM is a classic Fifth Column and is openly disrupting life in America.

The Sheeple don't know that their so-called rights end at the doorstep. (Happy July 4th.......YOU SLAVES). You may have a fully paid for house but, the land belongs to the State and your rights do not apply in your own yard. Shoot a nigger in your yard and see who gets hauled away. Scatter disruptive marchers on the street where you live with a shotgun and see who gets arrested.

That has to be overturned by Force Majeur (or decree) and damn the Jew-infested courts. A few dozen judges hanging by the neck from a highway overpass should send the correct message that America has had enough JEW FILTH and is FIGHTING BACK.

No more White Flight. TIME FOR WHITE FIGHT.

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