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blackpill-Whoremaxxer gets stunned on Bumble

whoree maxxer
whoree maxxer
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Published on 08 Aug 2022 / In People & Blogs

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whatever1 2 months ago

J i think you are a smarter man than me. But being on bumble is dumb shit. Dont put yourself in a position to get "me too" d or "yes means yes" or any interaction with a woman which could end in her getting you into hot water with cops, boy friends, or any sort of lawsuit with the legal system in this fucking country. Remember the dentist story tfm gave about blowjobs. You need to pay TFM more respect also, he presents solutions if you are willing to make the sacrifice, to live life for yourself. You are not finding a long term meaningful relationship in a sex club that has already destroyed the balance of responsibility and authority and treats men as all lying pieces of shit. You are not getting it you are not understanding women and not understanding how women behave. You are not understanding how truely fucked up most american women are either in my opinionyou sre not understanding the legal systemydon't meet women thru fucking bumble.

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BigBrianUK 2 months ago

Hard hitting health truth.

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FL_Steve 1 month ago

Nothing healthy about a guy who licks whore butt holes.

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