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Blackpill 101 - E12: Incelibate State of the Middle East and North Africa

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Published on 14 Jan 2021 / In Film & Animation

Episode 12, Shock & Awe edition. The episode many of you have been waiting for. Taking a deeper look into the 50% ethnic tax, SMV of Middle Eastern men and all the dangers awaiting them in the future.


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Johnny_Cage 5 months ago

These inbred fucking moron British kids think people are nice to them for no reason! Shows you how smart these silver-spoon, trust-fund idiots are. It makes me sick just looking at many of the videos you show. It's fine; a world like this doesn't deserve much positive advancements and contribution that productive men could give it. Why contribute to this world that hates and despises most of us? To have our work and innovation stolen and the recognition and profits stolen by some rich White and Jewish executives? Fuck that. Even the young women in this world despise us, and can't even see our plight or our romantic/sexual predicaments we're in.

On the other hand, White men are desired mainly because the females love/adore the STATUS and EASY LIFE a White man is supposed to provide her with. Right? Ethnic women will throw away a White man after she extracts the max resources she can, and his life-force is drained. So, from a certain perspective, White men are just the fattest prized steers that the wolves go after the most!

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Inslayerclone 5 months ago

good to see you on mgtow.tv i enjoy watching your videos

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