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#BlackLivesMatter: STFU | Popp Culture

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Published on 18 Jun 2020 / In Comedy

⁣This week's #ThrowbackThursday takes us back to when #BlackLivesMatter first revealed themselves for exactly what they are: Racist power-grabbing bigots.

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bin4ry_d3struct0r 12 months ago

Ooh, this is new. Black people demanding free stuff! Whaaaaaat?

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GokuMGTOWMonk 1 year ago

im black and i hate blm with a fucking passion

   1    0
MadrigalTV 1 year ago

'Get every white person fired, then steal all their wages.' Nagga logic.

   1    1
Aleric 1 year ago

That CUNT lives in my city and the WHITE GUILT LIBERAL MAYOR Greg "nothing to see here" Fischer takes her advice.

   0    0
BigBen6969 1 year ago

Did this fat gross ugly p sleeve even graduate from high school?

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Trickbaby 1 year ago

White Supremacist don't have to do anything but sit back and watch....

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Shadow Monk99
Shadow Monk99 1 year ago

Such a mad world out there

   0    0
whyserenity 1 year ago

we want evil Popp.

   3    0
DJGriffin 1 year ago

Just move your black ass to South Africa. They're taking over white farmer's land every day.

   3    0
lukenstein 1 year ago

hell yeah! nintendo music is back

   1    0
masculistman 1 year ago

Assaulting women? Tell that to journalist Andy Ngo: https://thoughtsofamascman.blo....gspot.com/2020/06/or and other men attacked by antifa and their ilk. Are you an MRA or are you a feminist?

   2    0
SQUEAK077 1 year ago

This woman comes to mind... Give a woman a plane ticket and she will fly for a day. Push a woman out of a plane and she will fly for the rest of her life.

   5    0
ironmanjakarta 1 year ago

The Dems and their oligarch masters sent all the blue collar jobs to China so there were no jobs left for anyone wthout a PHD, and thats why blacks suffered the most. Its only after Trump started bringing back those jobs did blacks start to have a better life. Dems are a black's worst nighmare.

   4    0
BlueGangstar 7 months ago

The jews are the Oligarches.

   0    0
ironmanjakarta 1 year ago

If you pay income taxes, you are a slave who works for free, for the govt.

   2    0
MrA_H0Ie 1 year ago

The problem is how taxes are spent, not that there is taxation. If they would spend it on stuff that's a long term benefit to everyone, no problem. But they spend it on shit that has NEGATIVE long term consequences and they know it but they do it anyway. The problem is what spineless pieces of shit govern, not taxation itself.

   0    1
ironmanjakarta 1 year ago

The seek key seeks too far. Can you fix it? 3-5 sec is good. Now its 20.

   2    0
John_Doe 1 year ago

Now I get it! For the longest time I thought this was some cryptic message. "Seek the key? Seek the KEY? SEEK the key? Why do I need to seek the key? What does the key open? Where shall I seek it? Why do I need to fix it? How did it get broken? What IS he trying to say!?!?!? I need ANSWERS, dammit !!!" It's the fast forward button.

   1    0
MrA_H0Ie 1 year ago

I like it at 20. But a rewind would be great.

   0    1
jmafa1957 1 year ago

You're calling it the way it is, Popp. Great video!

   4    0
crimsonhawk 1 year ago

wtf.... where's the bar?!

   4    0
pauljh74 1 year ago

The video is dated copyright 2017, so the bar wasn't on display at that point

   0    0
doczg88 1 year ago

Does she realize that Brown people really, really hate Black people?

   5    1
John_Doe 1 year ago

Ok, Popp, here comes the disclaimer. Love your work, watched you for years, seen almost all your videos, signed up on MGTOW Tv just so I could watch your videos uncensored by YouTube. Fanboi. So that's out of the way.

That said, here's the subtext thread that runs throughout your videos of this nature, the underlying, unspoken assumption: using reason, logic, and facts is sufficient for pointing out the errors in the thinking meat of those you roast. Now, I get it; this is entertainment. You're not speaking directly to those authors with any reasonable expectation of a debate. They're simply being held up as examples of the stupid, worthy of mockery, and some laughs from the audience.

Even so, there's still that underlying current; trying to get to a space built from rationality. Here's the thing, though; despite their desired outcome being completely irrational, it's not absent its own internal logic. In concrete terms, here's what I mean.

Assume Channelle Helm got everything she wanted from her list of demands. You and I both know it would devolve the country into a Communist hellhole. You and I can both agree that would be bad, m'kaaaaay. But Channelle? She would LOVE it! Yes, she would be in even worse condition and greater poverty than she is now. But you and I would be in a gulaag or dead. Because OUR comparative situations would be worse than her's, she would be satisfied.

This isn't about succeeding on one's own merits, win or lose, pass or fail. It's about comparing her situation to the situations of those she views as oppressors (erroneously, of course, but still how she sees it). As long as we're worse off than she is - even if she herself is suffering - she will have ACCOMPLISHED her goal! She'll be happy with the outcome. It's about comparative inequality; even if the comparison is wrong, a fabrication, a lie.

Consequently, there is no reasoning because they are beyond reason. No facts will assail there beliefs because they're steeped in emotion. Deconstructing their arguments, as hilarious as it may be, will do nothing to change their attitudes.

There will be no epiphany where they say, "Oh, I never thought of it that way! You bring fresh perspective which has challenged my thinking. I must admit I was wrong." Never going to happen. Instead it's, "Whitey has power I don't have [again, irrelevant if this is accurate or not] ! TAKE WHITEY'S WEALTH! TAKE WHITEY'S POWER! KILL WHITEY!" That's all this is, it's all it will ever be.

Ever played a video game where you're facing an opponent. You're low on health. You come to a fork in the road. If you run, you have chance to escape. Instead, you stay in the fight, knowing you're going to die. Your opponent kills you, but you managed to get off a final shot; perhaps a damage-over-time skill that burns them, eating away at their health. One second after you die, they die, too. And in that moment you feel vindicated, you feel victorious. You yell out, "I got you, mother fucker!" despite you, yourself, having died. THAT is Channelle Helm and all the people like her!

   7    0
warhorse 1 year ago

OK, so I'm a racist.... what now? The term has lost all meaning.

   13    0
MrA_H0Ie 1 year ago

At this point you're labeled a racist if you don't mindlessly repeat obvious contradictions in these morons' logic.

   7    1
doczg88 1 year ago

We are all racists in 2020...

   5    0
wayfarer 1 year ago

KNEEL! And give them all your money!

   2    0
blethook 1 year ago

BLM might just win the oppression olympics to be held in CHAZ/CHOP later this year...

   4    0
KEEPER 1 year ago

i think you should use more space ghost clips. and maybe throw in a few of house comments.

   5    0
Councilof1 1 year ago

The level of stupidity is truly monumental. Reminds me of a saying: the two most common element's in the universe are hydrogen and human stupidity and not necessarily in that order. It's really enough to make a person question reality itself.

That 8 bit music brings back childhood memories. Bring on the NES. The worse part is I still remember some cheat codes. Contra anyone?

   6    0
AngelusMorte 1 year ago

I caught stupid once, Had to let her go when I found out she had 5 kids by 5 different daddies, and had 2 brain cells and one went AWOL! Never looked back at that redhead. I still have horror stories! 1 time Show lost her keys tore through the house looking for them, and tried to claim i stole them, only for me to point out that she left them beside her cup of coffee from Dunkins, after 3 hours of rampaging stupid!

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