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Black Soldier Fly Larvae Farming

Published on 15 Sep 2023 / In Film & Animation

Create Free Animal Feed From A BioPod
When the larvae are ready to pupate they climb exit ramps in the bin and feed themselves to chickens. The adult flies which will naturally find the scraps will lay their eggs on suspended corrugated cardboard. The newly hatched larvae will drop onto the food scraps. Keep feeding the larvae your food scraps and the pupae will be healthy protein food for your chickens or aquaponic fish.
If you don't have chickens or fish a BSFL composting system will attract insect-eating birds to your area.
The adult flies only live for about one week and don't eat at all but just mate and lay eggs. They are not undesirable like blow flies and the BSFL in a healthy system will exclude blow flies and maggots from the bin.
Some pupae can be collected in a container under an exit ramp and removed from the chicken yard and grown to adult flies if Black Soldier Flies are not common in your area.
When the bin gets too full remove some of the lower layers of compost and keep going with the system.

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