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BLACK PILL 3.0 INFINITY PILL 2.0 Part#2 | Grey Pill | PILL-LOSPHY @Wizdom Radio

Hold The Truth Hostage
Published on 02 Jun 2022 / In People & Blogs

Black Pill 3.0 is Thinking On The Infinite Perspective My thoughts on the Infinity ♾️ Pill 2.0 & why it's the key to removing Limits on Mankind & Much more

#men #blackpill #infinitypill

This PDF contains where we are in the Black Pill as we head Towards Black Pill 3.0. & beyond. I might have missed a few things but it explains just about everything, & the difference between Black Pill 1.0 which was established in 2010s-2020s to Black pill 3.0 where we are heading in 2022+  https://drive.google.com/file/....d/1iE0IMzXQpzv0g2X0F

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Longshanks 6 months ago

Intriguing topic to comment on indeed.

If the last two years events are considered, I reckon we are well passed human experimentation, the experiments are being engineered with built in consent, enabling entire populations to be scientific property effectually.

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