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Black Manosphere simps larping as Red pill Pua while shaming Sex dolls.

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Published on 09 Dec 2020 / In Film & Animation

Look at what they do. Not the red pill regurgetated talking points they use. They'll shame the actions of thots then shame the men that no longer want to partake in those actions. It kills their bottom line. Grifters Grow because they say what the Newcomers want to hear, perfectly, "these thots arent shit" and "this is how you get pussy". Majority, not all, Are black men entering the space because they see a quick buck. Remember most of these NEW Black Manosphere men were raised by single moms, their heros. So when you see black Semi pua/red pill men in this space remember not all of them are on your side just like in reality with crime statistics. Vet these black men, the statistics are not on their side. If They shame, porn, anime, sex dolls or sex robtos, they are larping and are trying to get your money and be the new coach greg adams. Coach greg like few other dont shame these things but dont advertise them either, so those guys arent the enemy, the ones actively shaming those things while espousing manosphere talking points, are the enemy. Men can be chameleons and black men i would say are the most subtle chamleons, because of their sexual practices you would think they are red pilled as FUCK, but majority are not. Pookie and ray ray are simps.
Desclaimer: I Am black and Fillipno, take that information and my race for what you will.

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Maxxx 5 months ago

This simp is calling himself "dagawd" what a fucking joke.

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MR Mayhem
MR Mayhem 6 months ago

so his argument is essentially shaming and straw-manning, cool.

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Furioso 7 months ago

If he's happy ,what's the problem ?Every men should pursue their own happiness ,it's their lives .

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