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Bitten by Bloodworms! It's genetically identical to an "Ex Wife and Hur Var-Jina".

Published on 30 May 2023 / In Film & Animation

Bloodworms are back. And this time, Mark's putting those razor sharp copper fangs to the test.

Meet the world's only venomous worm species. Using their bizarre proboscis, bloodworms hunt by striking and envenomating unsuspecting prey with a paralyzing toxin. And guess what we learned since the last video? You can GRAB that proboscis! You know that that means...

Mark ventures back into the mudflats of the Eastern Seaboard to dig up tons of these massive, creepy, bizarre, venomous worms... and take bite after bite after bite.

Do bloodworms bite?

Oh yeah they do.

Do bloodworm bites hurt?

You bet.

Do bloodworms hunt in packs?

Guess Mark will have to stick his hands into a giant tank full of bloodworms to find out...

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TripeSwing 4 months ago

I never heard of these before. Fun vid, thx!

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Frollicking at the beach - crocodiles and sharks on the tops side, blood worms on the underside.

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Councilof1 4 months ago

That's nightmare fuel. Hell no I'd rather walk through bear country blind folded. Closest thing to that around here are sea lamprey but they target fish thankfully.

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Not if you swim very slowly......

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