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Zar Kezar
Zar Kezar
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Published on 14 Jan 2020 / In People & Blogs

This channel exists on both Bitchute and You Tube. On both platforms the channel has the same name, the same avatar and the same videos. To everyone watching this video on You Tube, whether you are a subscriber, a commentator or merely a viewer, I strongly advise you to open an account on Bitchute.
I first started this channel on You Tube and uploaded my first video about one year ago and shortly afterwards open my channel on Bitchute. Although You Tube is a far larger, longer established and vastly wealthier than Bitchute, I and many other MGTOW, red pill and free speech advocates predict the demise of You Tube and the rise of Bitchute as You Tube continues its war against free speech and becomes ever more censorious towards those who dare to challenge the gynocentric libtard agenda.

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charliebrownau 2 months ago

welcome to last 5-6 years of the internet

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