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Bill Gates' Yearly Hall Pass to Cheat On His Wife | Grunt Speak Highlights

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Published on 05 Jul 2021 / In Comedy

A pre-nuptial hall pass to cheat with his ex, naked pool parties, and dressing up like a woman. Bill Gates is a Bond villain with a bad haircut.
#gruntspeaklive #billgates #gatesdivorce
Watch the complete stream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG0tUhehzMc

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Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 3 months ago

Bill Gates thinks he has the wisdom to run the world, but if he can't keep a successful marriage, he's dead wrong about having the ability to run the world... although, you know, he might be able to be successful in practicing eugenics and kill off a major part of the world population he doesn't much care for. He has high functioning autism. It's convenient so he doesn't have to suffer from his conscience for killing all those girls in India he killed off with test vaccines [Oh, they died... well, that's interesting... I guess we'll have to change the formula]. That's why he's been banned from the country.

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Salty 3 months ago

@DanielleGriffin: fukoff

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Salty 3 months ago

@MehganDavis: go follow advice above

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ancientsea 3 months ago

Last week, while listening to OANN NEWS, I heard a story about a new PRC initiative. Apparently China is set to begin an initiative to promote masculinity in males. As I listened I thought of the French women in WW2 who threw themselves at their German conquers. Women always make deals with the stronger paradigm. Now, to the point: As they have forced feminized western men, coupled with the excess number of Chinese men due to -1 child policy,- how easy will the exploitation of the West be for the Chinese?

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InfiniteMushroom 3 months ago

Epstein is alive and well in Israel. He's already recovered from his cosmetic surgery and has internalized his completely faked past. He travels with his Israeli ID and passport and nobody would recognize him. Anybody who would know him are sworn to absolute secrecy upon pain of death and seizure of everything they have.

PressTV was seized by the ADL / FBI. I wonder if the Persians found Epstein and were ready to blow his cover!

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