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Bill Gates' Marriage Crashed Like Vista | Grunt Speak Highlights

Terrence Popp
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Published on 02 Jun 2021 / In Comedy

⁣His relationship with Jeffrey Epstein might have cost Bill Gates $65 billion.
#gruntspeaklive #billgates #gatesdivorce
Watch the complete stream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG0tUhehzMc

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Lucifer 4 days ago

65 billion... for that money i can hire the Clintons to make it look like she had an accident

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Gregory VanDyke
Gregory VanDyke 17 days ago

HEY ! what the heck happened ? tuesday and thursday didn't get the show...

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IronPete RedPilled
IronPete RedPilled 18 days ago

Linux. Winning!

   2    0
FeWolf 19 days ago

Windows and Apple both stole the OS, OS called known as CP/M., they have to pay a certain percent per dollar , I think it is 10 cents to the dollar

   2    1
Lucifer 5 days ago

I do not think Mac OS (based on BSD) is anything remotely even looks like CP/M

   0    0
FeWolf 4 days ago

@Lucifer : courts thought otherwise

   0    0
Lucifer 4 days ago

@FeWolf: You are mistaken, msdos looken like cpm.. about macos you are farting out of your ass..can u code?

   0    0

Bill Gates - He stole the OS from some guy and he stole the GUI idea from Steve Jobs..... AND for the years of my life spent on debugging his shitty software - I'd like to break his nose.

Malware scans, Defragging, the slowly growing "swap files" on the hard drive - till it choked, the fucking lazy and shitty programming that sucked up all resources - just to run (when Linux only used 5% of what Windows uses to do the same stuff)..... Looking for updates for the OLDER OS, and getting fucked around until oblivion by the cunts in Mircorsoft.... and their labarynthmic easy update system..... Fuck Bill Gates and Microsoft for EVERYTHING.

   2    0
BartFine1Ab 19 days ago

Hey Popp, check your email. I just sent you a funny video about hookers in the Philippines

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faniam 19 days ago

Sounds interesting! Link please?

   2    0
96d4hs9 19 days ago


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Visegrip 19 days ago

Why would anyone climb to the top of the world and then get married? He should have said "Bitch I'm the richest man in the fucking world so go play at the fucking mall and don't come home till I say it's time to clean the goddamn sheets!"

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SIGMA78 19 days ago

It’s hilarious that he’s been taken to the same cleaners that he, Dr. Beltchy and Joe Chi-den all own and use against us.

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