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Big Booty Sex Doll with Big Boobs

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Published on 13 Oct 2020 / In Comedy

This is our Big Booty Sex Doll Review of silicone sex doll that is black with a big butt and big boobs. The Boobs are K cup size.
Sex dolls are becoming popular these days because they’re getting pretty cheap and you can have sex with them any time, any place. They are the ultimate sex toys for men and women.
These lifelike love dolls come in many different colors, shapes and sizes as well as any other human features you can think of.
We wanted sexy, hot and thick black sex doll with big boobs so we got this Lexus model love doll with big ass and big boobs. We got it from
Lexus the love doll is about 5’ 3” with a nice big ass and K cups for boobs!

If you go on their site, there are tons of different dolls with all kinds of options for heads, boobs, nipples, butts, and anything else you can think of.
They even take Paypal, Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies!
This sex doll with big boobs gets delivered in a big box, very discreet but this thing IS heavy because of that big ole booty and HUGE boobs.
The doll also comes with a wig, clothes, orifice warmer, jizz douche.
Our TPE sex dolls are made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) material. TPE is a silicone derivative, which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length, has a more attractive price than silicone and mimics the experience of human skin with both a soft and stretchy effect.
TPE is waterproof, hypoallergenic and phthalate free. The skin has pure natural luster and smooth feelings by touch.
Body joints are made of artificial multiplex metal by latest professional technology to guarantee any sorts of poses.
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