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Bidens Blatantly Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate Attempt

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Published on 10 Sep 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Bidens Blatantly Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate Attempt

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NoFemVAL 1 month ago

Fuck Biden.

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Bagoodman 1 month ago

Beer cans with the 666 ha ha ha . Ill pass

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

The very fact that this was attempted at all only shows why TPTB must ALL DIE. Nobody in Washington is innocent. They must all be HANGED, SHOT, or GUILLOTINED. Biden and his malevolent misfits are just symptoms of a deeper insanity.

We haven't been under the organic U.S. Constitution since 1860. It was adopted in 1871 as a CORPORATE BYLAW since the organic Federal Government of the Several States was long gone by that point. The U.S. Constitution is a suggestion and has NO BINDING AUTHORITY. Which means YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS under it or the Bill of Rights. Certain protected classes have FALSE RIGHTS under the Civil Rights paradigm and those rights come at the expense of the unprotected classes. Straight White Men are the ONLY UNPROTECTED CLASS in ZOG-U.S.A. Our decline at the hands of Jewish social engineers is precisely why American society has fallen rapidly and in proportion.

We are under a transnational semi-private CORPORATION, known as UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. It has a superficial form of the Constitutional government but, has no obligation to respect the rights of We Teh Sheep. "It's only a goddamn piece of paper" as George Fucking Bush once quipped.

After a proper mass slaughter of our (((RULING CLASSES))) and total purge of our Education system (from K to PhD), I propose a new Constitution that forbids the Federal Government to have a place of its own. Each State, in alphabetical order, shall host the Federal Government for 10 months out of the year. It will provide 200,000 sq. ft of floor space and all furniture is rented locally. Nothing is left behind and no business is left undone by the end of the year.

No tax shall ever be paid directly to the Federal Government. Taxes are paid to the States and the States will pay their share as determined by Congress. Nobody votes for POTUS or their Senator. You will only vote for your CongressMAN. The Governor appoints the Senators and both Houses vote for the President. The POTUS will select his VP after election so as to ensure executive compatibility and carry out his mandate. NO WOMEN SHALL BE IN CONGRESS, THE WHITE HOUSE, OR THE SUPREME COURT in the new government I propose.

This kind of extreme rootlessness will force the Feds to always be starving and unable to grow. It will have to be limited to just a few functions which it can do competently. Thousands and thousands of bad laws in the current U.S. Code WILL be repealed or farmed out to the States. Which they may or may not adopt at their pleasure. The 9th and 10th Amendments will reign supreme. The Federal Government will ONLY have the U.S. Navy. The other branches will be distributed to the States, recommissioned as State Guards, and are completely out of reach of the Feds.

Set up the U.S. as I have briefly outlined and we'll never have any more problems like Biden or any of the other bad Administrations seen since the end of WW2.

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