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Biden Administration LIES, Claims There's ZERO PERCENT INFLATION, Media Shifts Goalposts To Help

Published on 11 Aug 2022 / In News & Politics

Guest: Naomi Wolf
Author, "The Bodies Of Others" https://tinyurl.com/35ea5x7n

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People in Murrika do not understand the technological superiority of the We The British.

We the British were the first race to build the Pyramids, Walk on the surface of the sun and all the other planets, and develop steam locomotion and railways, and to regularly commute via time travel etc..

The other most excellent British thing is the Cricket Bat.

It can be assumed that the Cricket Bat is used for hitting Cricket Balls - and perhaps rightly so, if only by names sake and association.

However this rather splendid tool works equal well for embedding into the faces of lying fucking cunts in the Main Sleaze Media.

It has the effect of not outright killing them, on the first blow - when aimed squarely at the face, but it induces a state of spiritual enlightenment, that the people who they feed their outright lies too, do not infact enjoy having their minds fucked with, and their society polarised into conflicting divisions, by the arseholes of the Main Sleaze Media, playing people off against other people, in order to creat conflict, and to make sales of their media and their advertising revenue.

The cricket bat is also capable of bringing to an end, the careers of the sorts who are beyond redemption, with a simple skull crushing blow - such is the christian efficacy of the wonder tool of persuasion - the English Willow Cricket Bat.

Praise be the name of Jesus.

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