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Beware the Hidden Womanist | Grunt Speak Live

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Published on 20 Jan 2023 / In Comedy

As women begin to approach the wall, desperation kicks in and they pull out all the stops to secure a good provider. Get ready for some high octane truth bombs.
#GruntSpeakLive #Hammerhand #HiddenFeminist
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KEEPER 12 days ago

Just to get the nasty hairy legs out of my mind.

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Squeaker 13 days ago

Agree a fishing buddy now gone was 82 he told me while fishing about living in california in the 70s/80s and men would divorce wife took everything ended up the tennis coachs. Here is a man who would attend 1000 dolllar per bottle of wine parties. He said he had more respect when he would go to homeless gathering parties everyone would show up with food or what they had and he had more respect for those men. The juice is not worth the squeeze. Women it is proven in history those in power will use their vag and knees to get to authority. Keep in mind women could not vote or hold office own land. I may put up a video on this subject where a woman in history not well known tried to screw over a man. That man i will not give away too much of the vid back fired because she did what she did we have a united states today.

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I like hairy women.......
Not HUGELY bushy cunt hairy - but hairy arms, legs and arm pits...

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Squeaker 13 days ago

no wonder they have all these swamp monkey. bigfoot sightings.

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@Squeaker: Actually they are a fashion item - hairy stockings for women who shave their legs..... Some kind of ideological statement..... "Hey look at me - I am a feminist! - I have hairy legs!"..... or some other kind of retarded shit.

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OgreMGTOW 14 days ago

Popp's list just narrowed women down to 1 in 100,000 as marriage material.
Prove me wrong .
I'll wait .

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roachthemgtowsoldier 14 days ago

if these wamen are the table than i can always get another table

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