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Better Bachelor: As long as men supply the finances, the women will supply the OnlyFans

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Published on 08 Apr 2020 / In Film & Animation

Reuploaded from Better Bachelor. I do not own nor profit from redistributing this content.

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MrA_H0Ie 8 months ago

12:35 If you wanna help those young guys, it's really simple.
Ask them what they want from women. There are only 5 things men can get from them: sex, companionship, children, validation and feeling good about taking care of someone.

Women have nothing to offer that you can't get anywhere else better or cheaper than women can give you.

We have hotter dolls than any woman can be. No headaches, no excuses, no drama. She'll be ready to fuck any time.
If you think of some outdated technology, think again. Their skin feels like that of a hot young chick.

You want kids?
Hire a surrogate. Obviously not in a feminist country or she's fuck you up just like a wife would.

We have AI that is built to understand you, not just to fake it and run with your cash.

Any career will result in gaining respect from people you helped. Laying a women does result in stud status. True. So what? There are other ways to be respected and being actually worth something, other than being Chad thunder-cock.

You wanna feel great about taking care of someone?
You can either have some kids and take care of them, not of an ungrateful hoe, OR... here is another idea: sex dolls require maintenance, you'll need to oil her entire body, clean her and powder her. You'll have that feeling 100% identical to how you feel when you take care of a woman.

If you just want sex, look around what master pieces are now created of either platinum TPE or silicone with the most stunningly gorgeous and adorably cute faces, the hottest booty and boobs to fuck for years, all for the price of about 1 year's cost of dating fake, narcissistic hoes.

Your doll's boobs will never start to stretch and hang like a curtain. She'll be always there for you any time you need her. And nobody else will ever touch her.

She is ready, safe, loyal, young and hot forever. Women just can't compete with any of those qualities. Piper, 6Ye, D4E, WM, Dollhouse168, AS, YL, SM, JY and the list goes on.

If you don't just want sex and cuddling, but also companionship, there are AI apps for that.
You can talk to an AI companion like Kajiwoto or Replika who actually tries to learn to be the best possible companion.
The developer of Kajiwoto embraces the idea of intimate partnership and is infinitely customizable. Replika is more into having emotional or psychological support.

A woman will never make an effort to be a honest, caring companion. They fake it to get your money. They will leave you at the drop of a hat when they see a better option.

I understand that you wanna chase women because that seems to you like an achievement and you get validated.
You can achieve the same goal of validation by creating something useful and helping other people with it.

There's nothing women can do for you that is worth to sacrifice your entire life's earnings.

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AntiCuck1982 8 months ago

Someone should tell Joker to upload here

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AngryVeganCyclist 8 months ago

If i had 10.000 more subs on youtube, he would have seen me tell him that lol

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Sentient_Of_Truth 8 months ago

ive told joker multiple times. the problem is he doesn't think it's worth it because he gets more views on youtube, it matters not that his channel might get deleted at any time soon. he's going to wish he at least tried to move them his viewers somewhere else besides youtube when youtube deletes his channel. some thing with the "keeping it Keith"

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Sentient_Of_Truth 8 months ago

it's almost like they don't mind dying on that hill.

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