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Betabux Tears

Published on 31 Jul 2022 / In Film & Animation

Depressing lives of the bluepilled incels-in-denial. Note: In the last livestream, I mistakenly put the wrong discord tag. Apologies. If you wish to be a guest and debate me in a future livestream, add: itv#8652 (or send an email)
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AcquireZeal 5 months ago

Redditors, man. I can't believe they really buy this low libido crap. There's no such thing. If she's a woman, she's fucking. If not you, then someone else.

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Mustang 6 months ago

Just say no to Antisemitism. 6 million murdered Jews will thank you.

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sardonicsmile 6 months ago

It really is a curse; to be an unattractive man.

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ShifterZ 6 months ago

anyone know where i can find old content from incelTV and Face & LMS?

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