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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Published on 02 Jun 2021 / In People & Blogs

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JJJJJ 1 year ago

what a bunch of cucks

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You know how life has those funny little turns that happen at a moments notice.... The day you drag out the old chewed up extension cord and lay it across the laundry room or bath room - and it's got a few nicks and cuts in it..... and then the washing machine fucks up, or the bath over flows and floods the room, then you run in to turn the taps off... and stand in the pool of electrified water when you grab the tap...

I always get a bad feeling about things that are just about to happen.... like that woman standing up through the sun roof of the car - while they are driving away.....

That's usually the time when the uncanny events happen, like someone, for whatever reason, runs the red light and "POW!" big crash and her top half leaves the scene of the accident and her best bits stay in the car....

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Generally I am quite a prude for wearing protective gear like helmets, respirators, gloves, safety boots, AND being wholly inside the car and wearing fucking seat belts. People ought to go and talk to the tow truck operators and listen to their stories of the accidents they have attended. Fuck..... Just fucking horror.

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@Life_N_Times_of_Shane_T_Hanson: One of the stories told to me by a tow truck operator was he went to a depot where they store cars for repair / accident reports / parts etc., And the guy who owned the place said, "Come and have a look at this car". And there was only a few scratches down the side of it, but the whole side was covered in brown paint. The guy asked, "Has this been in an accident?", and the shop owner said, "Yeah the car just got skimmed by another car coming the other way, but see all that brown shit, the guy driving the car, had his arm outside the car, and it was torn out of his shoulder and that brown shit, all along the side of the car is his blood...."

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NotchLion 1 year ago

I unfollowed a lot of Thots on IG

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Johnny_Cage 1 year ago

Those Asian cucks are ALWAYS in little rat packs, because they cannot stand alone on their own at all. Same with the Indian guys unfortunately.

Their asses could get slung out of the top of that SUV if it stops or turns too quickly. The girl they're trying to impress would just run right over them on her way to Chad's house!

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MilleRacks 1 year ago

True them and asian and them indian move in packs. But you have white boys do that too also you have black guys who are in hang around in packs too. But that not the point. The point is they’re blue pilled and weak.

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Swagoku666 1 year ago

what if you have an indian as a lone wolf?

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csehszlovakze 1 year ago

just imagine being her chauffeur and hitting the gas mid-dance!

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