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Benjamin Franklin's Life Lessons Men Should Learn As Soon As Possible

Published on 02 Apr 2024 / In Film & Animation

Another private request for quotes and sayings from onbe or two of you. Here are some poiniant ones for life from Ben Franklin.

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"If you want to find your girl friends faults, praise her to her girl friends" - That is a shrewd one.

AND it goes along really well with how these retarded bitches operate in general.....

How they just have to go out of their way to tell on themselves, and each other, and saboutauge each others lives and prospects and how these stupid cunts all keep each other single, while trying to steal each others boyfriends...

Groups of single women?

They are SINGLE* for a good reason.

Avoid them.

*SINGLE = not married, monogamous - with their OWN husband, and with children....

And *SINGLE does not mean casually fucking around while "unmarried" either..

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