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being a good man isn't enough? :(


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Published on 02 Mar 2024 / In Film & Animation

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The opening lines about this cheap skating little bitch.......

Won't cough up $20 for the meal when he is paying off hundreds of thousnds for everything else.... for the both of them.

And she is so fucking stupid and so fucking selfish that she does not get this or understand this - even at her current age?

That to me says, "She is a bad pick and will likely be nothing but problems down the track...."

Like sure this is NOT the complete picture - but any significant signs of selfishness and greed - Like you spend $1000 on getting their car serviced and repaired, and they begrudge you $2 for a parking meter.... like it is the most ungodly awful demand that you could ever place on them....

I think it's time to cut them loose and kick them out....

The lack of an acknowledgment of what a bad attitude it is to display towards anyone - especially your own husband, and how selfish they really are and or have been - kind of cements giving her the exit papers.

Sincere and genuine reciprocity is a GOOD THING.

Self centeredness and a lack of morals and obligations and mutual benefits and contributions is a very BAD thing.

If she takes everything and gives nothing - get rid of her - as soon as it becomes obvious - after first meeting her and going on the first date.....

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