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Being A DIK Pt. 25: The Shocking Conclusion Of Episode 7!

Published on 05 Aug 2022 / In Gaming

Game: Being A DIK (GOG, Patreon)

Yep, we're nearing the end. Thankfully, the Intermission episode is now available and we'll be able to play that. But Episode 9 is still in development and we'll have to play something else until then. I'm thinking Acting Lessons or City Of Broken Dreamers.

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WMHarrison94 8 months ago

Damn. This is getting interesting: Now, Jill knows what Grim's dick looks like and that Josy slept with him er was dating him. I wonder if she knows Josy (and Maya) are gay. I was expecting Josy to say Grim doesm't know hos to play tennis or something like that. Damn, I hope this Halloween party is going to be epic! Oh, I can;t wait to see Sage's reaction when she learns Chad's gay! Damn, he had to name him Chad...

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