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Bear Deterrent

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Published on 06 Jul 2020 / In How-to & Style

⁣An ORION, "Bear-Banger". This is a 12 Ga., 'banger' for the purpose of deterring crittiers. I understand that this item is effective for bears I advise the use of this product as it will spare some individuals from potentially unpleasant encounters with members of Civil Law enforcement
As such, I will be reaching out in the next few years, to find another home for the 1820 trapper. I know my example is a nothing more than a $50 USD shooting kit, and thats complete with case - Its nothing more than a Yard or Garage-Sale item.. I love it because I could drop it off a cliff, into a river, and it will remain ''serviceable'' Just a little non-petrolium based oil once a year and it will be ''good'' for the rest of the century.⁣

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