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Be unapologetically direct - Do Daygame [19/33] Steps to Sexual Sovereignty

Published on 03 Dec 2023 / In Entertainment

This is, what it sounds like — hitting on women during the day. You can talk to girls anywhere. On the street, at a cafe, even in malls and shops. As long as you’re not getting her fired from her job or pissing off her boyfriend who is standing right there you’re fine.
There are two major differences in daygame. The first is that you want to go direct. Tell the woman right away that you think she is attractive. Second, is that your goal and probably the best possible outcome of an interaction is to get her phone number or contact details. Sometimes veteran daygamers can get girls to go on a mini-date with them right then and there but this is kind of rare. Get a number and follow up. Daygame is a bit dry compared to nightgame. Actually, don’t expect any real fireworks from your daygame, if the girl is willing to talk to you for a few minutes and give you her phone number that’s awesome!

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