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BartFine on Thailand

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Published on 26 Apr 2020 / In Travel & Events

Thai Sluts

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Pariah 9 months ago

Never trust the free wifi. If your Thai girlfriend is an actual girlfriend & not your regular girl. Ask her to buy you a simcard.

I don't like most of the Thai girls who date white guys, they like to act so smugged & treat their white husbands like ATMs. And let me be clear, if you want to marry them, you have to pay her family as well, that's our way. Sometimes I think it's a good thing their white partners don't understand Thai so they wouldn't understand the mad shit they talk about you.

There is something I'm always curious. When you fly across the world just to pick up Thai girls, why do foreigners always go for the ugly ones?

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Red Pill Satori
Red Pill Satori 11 months ago

Don't apologize, man. You are spot on. I've been living in Phil for two years now and you are 100% correct. They do abuse children a lot here, and have little regard for animals, and most #NotAll are thieves here.

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AngryCoffee 12 months ago

no idea why but this is the only video that does not play

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