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Bad Habit Beotches | Live From the Lair


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Published on 21 Sep 2023 / In Comedy

Women have some terrible habits, so lets call them out on their actions tonight at 8 PM EDT!
#terrencepopp #badhabits #whamen

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sbseed 3 months ago

"she is never satisfied" = every female that has ever existed or will ever exist....

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DutchCobbler 3 months ago

"I've learned a lot about women. I think I've learned exactly how the fall of man occurred in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, and Adam said one day, "Wow, Eve, here we are: at one with nature, at one with God, we'll never age, we'll never die, and all our dreams come true the instant that we have them." And Eve said, "Yeah... it's just not enough is it?" " - Bill Hicks

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DutchCobbler 3 months ago

Love it when he's talking truth and my nodding reflex kicks in. Shame I missed the live show/chat, you guys are the best!

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Observ1ng 3 months ago

night all

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Thank you all brothers and Good bless Goodnight \G/

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Villainous Jack
Villainous Jack 3 months ago

Good Night

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